Open Museum: VGC as an emerging solution to a design challenge

By Eleonora Borelli  (1); Daniela Gaggero (1); Marco di Gennaro (1) ; Alessandra Cau  (1); Simona Perfetti   (1); Annamaria Recupero (1); and Alessandra Talamo (1)(2)

(1) University of Rome “La Sapienza”, MasterUX; (2) IDEaCT lab

We present a case of User Experience research and design applied to a Museum of ancient art in Rome (Italy).

The purpose of the project was to enhance the visitor’s experience in the Museum through establishing a connection with the city and the surroundings.

Starting from the idea of a “mobile Pass”, we attempted to enable a smoother transition between activities  “inside” and “outside ” the Museum Space; the concept then evolved  towards the idea of incorporating visitor contributions, and making them publicly available around the City Space.  We propose a scenario in which visitors save their impressions for themselves – preserving the memories of their experience – and through the same gesture they contribute to a public expression, as a collective co-creation (or re-creation) of art.

In the presentation we briefly describe the concept as a result of the background field research conducted in the Museum and the evolution of the design process within a User Centered Design Perspective. We will show several issues that guided our design choices such as the usage of unobtrusive technology in order to maintain the primary role of the artworks, the need to find a meeting point between business and visitors values, the consistency of the interaction flow. We will also explore the main alternatives that we took into account during the design iterations, some of them related to the problem of exposing non-moderated VGC in a place featuring a strong “institutional” identity.

The work was developed in the context of the final group project for a MasterS course in User Experience at La Sapienza – University of Rome and presented in December 2012.

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